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Ofa Bamberg is a leading German manufacturer of medical compression stockings and orthopaedic supports. Since it was founded in 1928, Ofa Bamberg has had a clear priority: maximum comfort and an attractive appearance with optimum efficacy. In addition to a large selection of modern compression stockings, Ofa Bamberg offers a comprehensive range of orthopaedic supports and braces. Preventive health products including support and travelling stockings, special stockings for athletes and persons with diabetes, as well as pleasant heat cushions, complete the range.

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PSB Patella brace
PSB Patella brace
The reinforcement in the PSB Patella (pad) applies pressure to the patellar tendon and at the bottom of your kneecap. The tendon is relieved and the pain relieved. The Patella simply connect around the lower leg. The Push Sports Patella...
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