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As a family-run business, values such as quality and reliability in cooperative and fair relationships with customers are very important to BORT. Thanks to the intensive exchange of ideas with partners and patients in the market, BORT is aware of what is expected of its products and services.

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Soft Dorsal CTS
Soft Dorsal CTS
Soft dorsal rest splint for immobilising the wrist Palm splint Extra soft padded splint and fastening straps Three point Velcro fastening Length: approx. 21 cm (8.3 inches) Color: blue Benefits: Maintained gripping ability Easily...
€59.00 *
Finger Splint
Finger Splint
Plastic finger splint for hyperextension of the last damaged phalanx Colours: skin-tone, transparent Benefits: Conservative Treatment Skin-tone colour: Can be thermoplastically remoulded Condition product can be used for: Fracture...
€15.00 *
DigiSoft® Finger Brace
DigiSoft® Finger Brace
Finger brace for immobilisation of interphalangeal joints Adjustable aluminium splint with soft padding also available for children Colour: blue Benefits: Immobilisation of either one or two fingers Velcro fasteners, on metacarpals and...
€57.00 *